A Recruiter’s Night Before Christmas

A new SourceCon tradition debuts...

As you may (or may not) know, I placed this newsletter on hiatus when I started my new role as the editor of SourceCon. In that capacity, I get to do a lot of fun things - like making funny videos. Since so many of my newsletter subscribers are connected to the recruiting industy, I think many of you will appreciate it.

(FYI, this is a one-time email blast. I am not restarting my newsletter at this time. Just FYI. If you miss my writings, please subscribe to the SourceCon newsletter here.)

A Recruiter’s Night Before Christmas

It occurred to me that the SourceCon community does not have an annual December tradition. We should have one and, after speaking with the SourceCon community, most are in agreement with me. So, I have decided to start an annual tradition that I hope will continue for years to come - a holiday video. The very first one is entitled, "A Recruiter's Night Before Christmas" and features the poetry of SourceCon OG - Steve Levy.

Please share it with your network and spread good #sourcing and #recruiting cheer all over the world. Thank you in advance.

Jim Stroud