What a Year its Been…

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  • What a Year its Been…

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What a Year its Been…

I was reflecting on this past year and all the content I have created. For those following me on social media, you have likely seen the various articles featured on my blog and newsletter. However, you might have missed the content I produced for other websites. I am linking to some of them below. 


  • Transhumanism: The Future Of Discrimination In The Workplace - Transhumanism in the workplace involves using technologies like neurostimulation devices and cognitive enhancements to improve employee focus and skills acquisition, potentially leading to higher productivity and innovation. It also raises legal and ethical questions about defining and protecting the rights of individuals who have undergone transhumanist enhancements. While some view transhumanism as a way to create new job opportunities and drive economic growth, others express concerns about the potential social inequities and moral implications of this movement.

  • HR’s Wakeup Call: The Urgent Need To Tackle LGBTQ+ Sexual Harassment - This article discusses the urgent need to address LGBTQ+ sexual harassment in the workplace, emphasizing the importance of creating a psychologically safe environment for LGBTQ+ individuals. It highlights the prevalence of sexual harassment experienced by LGBTQ+ employees and the potential for toxic behaviors in the workplace. The article also emphasizes the ethical and business imperative of preventing LGBTQ+ discrimination, as embracing diversity fosters a more innovative and productive workforce. 

  • Fake Interviews and Recruiting Scams: How Technology is Exploiting the Job Market - The article discusses how technology is being exploited in the job market, leading to fake job interviews and recruiting scams. Scammers are taking advantage of HR departments to gain access to sensitive customer data, and a booming fake job interview industry in India is helping unqualified individuals secure jobs. The trend of fake hires is particularly prevalent in non-managerial and non-creative fields, with the IT sector being at a higher risk due to the potential access to sensitive information. Scammers also impersonate recruiters for well-known companies on platforms like LinkedIn to deceive job seekers. The article emphasizes the need for vigilance and research to avoid falling victim to these scams.

  • 4 reasons why ChatGPT will never replace recruiters –  “While ChatGPT can accomplish several routine recruitment tasks in mere seconds, it cannot replace the human touch that is essential to successful recruiting.”


  • Unlocking the Potential of Talent Acquisition with ChatGPT eBook - I contributed to this comprehensive recruitment guide with ChatGPT will help your organization find the best talent on the market and take your talent acquisition efforts to the next level. We'll look at how ChatGPT can be a powerful tool for streamlining your recruitment processes, enabling you to effectively reach and evaluate potential candidates, create engaging job descriptions, benchmark salaries, and communicate effectively with applicants. 

  • The History of Recruiting - I contributed to a comprehensive new online resource, "The History of Recruiting," created by the CXR Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement and advancement of recruiting professionals everywhere. This well-researched guide, designed as a work-in-progress that can always be enhanced and added to, covers the evolution of the recruiting industry from the late 1800s to present day, offering valuable insights (and even some colorful commentary) for both experienced recruiters and those who may be new to the profession.

In case you are curious about all the places I have contributed content, click here. Why am I being so reflective? Well, I accepted a new role that will keep me VERY busy. As such, I have decided to put my content on hiatus for the moment. Not to worry, I will still be producing articles, podcast, videos, et cetera, just under my new employer's banner.  So, who is my new major sponsor? It will be revealed this week, although I am very anxious to say who it is now. 

I have one more newsletter edition of The Recruiting Life before I place it on pause. I will share more details then and quite possibly before then via my new employer's website and social media channels. (So exciting!!!)

Okay, until next week's hiatus kicks in, ciao. 

Jim Stroud

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Comic: Feedback Request

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