I Speak on the Future of Work.

Did you know I was available to speak at your HR event?

Keynote speaker available… me.

Speaking on the future of work in Budapest, Hungary.

If you know anyone seeking a speaker to discuss the future of work, please share my info with them. I am open to a discussion. For the uninitiated, here is a sample presentation where I was given 10 minutes to impress the Hacking HR crowd in Atlanta. (I did it with 30 seconds to spare. Whoo-hoo!!!)

If you have ever seen me speak, please leave a testimonial here as that would be a BIG help. Here are a few positive comments I found online.

Stats from conference presentations:

From SourceCon 2023 in Minneapolis, MN

Survey Feedback from my 2018 Evolve Summit Presentation

Feedback from a virtual presentation for Recruiting Brief:

  • 12.03.19 – Presented the webinar, “Big Brother in the Office” for Recruiting Brief which was well received. Some of the comments from the audience were:

“Loved the liveliness.”

“Great insight into what’s to come. Would love to share this presentation with my leadership team.”

“Jim is a great presenter and really good at keeping his audience engaged!”

“Jim was great and very animated, would definitely be interested in hearing more from him. I just subscribed to his podcast!

Feedback from a NAHCR conference:

"Jim is a great speaker and he knows how to capture his audience and keep them focused on his presentation. The information that he shared can be put into practice at my current workplace."

"Jim provided so many concrete ideas for social media and branding that are free. He is a dynamic speaker and I truly enjoyed his presentation and graphics."

"This by far was the most informative and compelling session. Jim provided real examples and tools that I'm already using. I was reluctant to attend as I thought I was already pretty savy with sourcing but I'm totally excited that I learned something new!"


Okay, enough of that. If you plan conferences or corporate events, contact me via LinkedIn or hit reply and email me back. I am very approachable, at least, I like to think so. Operators are standing by.