AI and The Future of Work

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🤔 One question I am asked a LOT is "What do you think about AI and its impact on ("my job" OR "the industry" OR "my workforce planning" OR "the economy" OR fill-in-the-blank)?

I predict that in 2024, AI will be part of every conversation — every process discussion, every platform & tool purchasing discussion, every candidate engagement & experience discussion — in Talent Acquisition.

DO NOT MISS the world premiere of AI4Talent 2024. The speakers represent a Who’s Who of the most innovative TA thinkers & practitioners; the agenda will explore innovative products, strategies, and best practices, while discovering how AI is reshaping the future of work. I am moderating a panel there and I very much want to see you there.

Event Details:

🗓️ When - January 23-24, 2024
💻 Where - 100% virtual event
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